How to Safe Data from a Dead Drive

Something all of us fear in the information age is losing our data. A hard drive crashing can make years worth of information vanish in the space of less than an hour. For many of us, that idea can give us nightmares, especially if the information that may be lost is valuable information like tax returns or documents you need for various reasons.

Thankfully there are programs out there that can help recover files from a dead solid state drive, a hard disk or a flash drive. USB drives are the cheapest to recover lost data from. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free will help you with that lost data, as long as the drive is under two gigs. If the drive is larger than two gigs you need to use the pro version which isn’t free.

Data Recovery from a Dead Drive

For larger USB drives and all hard drives, there isn’t a free data recovery software. If you have to get information off a dead drive, you’ll have to pay money for the software. There are several different software out there to help you get your information back. Programs such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, and Wondershare Data Recovery. These programs were for when the drive had died, and you’re trying to get information back.

There is also the option of sending the drive to a specialist who specializes in recovering data. This is the most costly option because you’re sending the dead drive to someone else. It’s the least hassle overall though because someone else is working on it and then sending it back to you. If you’re not sure, who to send the drive to, feel free to get a recommendation from the manufacturer of the dead drive.

If the drive hasn’t died yet, you’re just trying to make sure you don’t lose information your best bet is to back the information up. There are several options for backups. There is the most commonly thought of one which is an external hard drive with the Microsoft backup wizard. In this case, you’d tell the wizard to backup to the external, and to run on a schedule. From that point on you don’t need to worry about if your data is safe or not, if the backup doesn’t run correctly Microsoft will tell you.

In addition to an external drive you can have network attached storage, these are hard drives attached directly to the network instead of being connected to a computer. You can also use cloud storage instead of a physical medium, you don’t have any extra hardware to worry about, but it’s more expensive.

There are several options for data recovery from a Dead Drive. You can pick which software you’d like to use, or you can send the drive to someone to recover for you. In the case that the drive isn’t dead yet you can back the drive up, so if the drive does die all you have to do is restore from the medium you backed up to.